Are you searching for something but not quite sure what that is?


Are you feeling stuck somewhere in your life?

You might well be a gifted, creative, deep, sensitive and conscious person. Yet despite all your efforts to bring forth these gifts, your potential for greatness might have become stagnant, and left you stuck.


You may feel like you’re not living out your authentic Self fully, but constantly yearn to do so. You might have plenty going for you, and feel guilty because it still doesn’t seem ‘enough.’ Yet deep down you know there is more, which is why you’re here. You are most probably curious but cannot put that curiosity into action and ignite the extraordinary person that you are. You might sometimes feel disconnected from yourself. Or you might somehow feel lost and without purpose. 


Do you want to wake up each morning and feel like you are on? That you’re clear about who you are and what direction you’re going in.


Do you want to be connected with yourself, others and to higher power? 


Do you want to lead with your heart and not your head?


Do you want to feel alive and confident?


I could be the coach you are looking for — someone who can hear you deeply. Someone who can guide you to the depths of yourself, so you can identify and create the vision for your life. One that is tangible and reachable yet full of magic, inspiration, and truth.


Together we can be a team that gets you to the places you have longed for. Let me take your hand and lead you toward a life of meaning, aligned with not who you ‘should’ be, but who you truly are.



Certified Transformational Coach




I support clients in finding their personal key to a more fulfilled, soulful and purposeful life.


Qualified (FP) & Certified Transformational 

Coach and Facilitator


Qualified (IATE) Wellbeing Practitioner


Qualified (Nurturing Birth) Doula

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As a certified transformational coach, I work with you in three capacities; spirituality, wellness and vision. Combined holistically, these pillars help you deepen your connection with yourself, establish healthy, empowering habits, and create an action plan to manifest your desires from a place of inner wisdom aligned with who you truly are, setting you up for lasting happiness and change.

During our coaching journey, I will support you in achieving inner and outer balance. I will also guide you toward a more soul-enriched and purposeful life informed by your authentic Self. I do this by listening intently, helping you improve your mindset, and directing you to parts of yourself you didn’t know existed.


If I had to sum up my sessions with Katinka in one sentence it would be... an eye-opening and life-changing experience! It would have taken me years to get to the root of the issues I've been facing, but with Katinka's help, I was able to understand it clearly and straightaway. Sometimes it feels scary deep-diving into why I lack confidence or why I don't feel good enough. With Katinka guiding me along the way I felt safe and comfortable. She felt like a life-long friend I could trust and rely on.

She has something about her that feels, dare I say... magical! Her practical tips are astounding; it almost became a hobby to do personal development! I just can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Katinka for unleashing the greatness I didn't know I had.

Kara Michael-Brown – Marketing executive – London UK

My online sessions with Katinka have been a game changer! They’ve given me a solid foundation to build on my relationships, business and everyday life. At a time of uncertainty and upheaval, they have grounded me and given me focus and purpose. I can’t thank Katinka enough for this. She’s amazing at what she does!

Salsabil Morrison - Wedding & Fashion Photographer, UK


Katinka Noack Mandala

Love & Relationships

I can support you in inviting healthy love into your life. I can also help you get your needs met in your existing relationships while helping you grow your communication skills to the next level.

Katinka Noack Mandala

Self-Discovery & Empowerment

I can guide you to self-reflect effectively in order to make peace with certain areas in your life, as well as make space for exciting possibilities and dreams.

Katinka Noack Mandala


Bringing spirituality coaching into everyday life heightens your experience of your authentic Self. Having a spiritual life coach can support you in opening yourself up to the divine and feel centred and whole.

Katinka Noack Mandala

Inner Barrier & Block Release

The only way to release our inner barriers and blocks is to face them. I support you in dealing with your obstacles in a safe and empowering way by helping you release what may no longer serve you.

Katinka Noack Mandala

Clarity & Purpose

I can help you discover what resonates with your authentic Self and channel that into living with meaning and purpose.

Katinka Noack Mandala

Changing Unwanted Habits

I guide you toward wellbeing by helping you identify your unconscious, unhealthy habits and patterns while creating newer, healthier ones.


The Benefits of Transformational Life Coaching

The Transformational Coaching process is a unique set of principles and practices designed to help a person realise their potential and contribute their gifts at the highest level. It explores behaviours, patterns and your current state, while taking the spiritual, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and physical into consideration. 

It is a holistic approach which uses a wide lens. Its main focus is to tap into and bring forth your inherent power by combining wellness and spirituality coaching with life coaching.


Your first step is to book a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION discovery call with me. We can chat about where you are at in your life at the moment, and where you would like to be. You'll get clear on how I am able to support you with your needs.

Mastering the Art
of Authentic 

Cultivate friendships and relationships with depth, connection and soul.