Katinka and Transformational coaching

Katinka Noack

About: Katinka Noack

For my entire life, I have always worked with people to empower them whether that is through birth, wellbeing or coaching. I have worked in the wellbeing field for over 9 years working successfully with a variety of people ranging from families, schools, couples and individuals.


As well as being a qualified Transformational Coach, I am also a qualified wellbeing practitioner and a Doula. I have been practicing as a Doula for 3+ years, and I take real pleasure in being part of such a profound experience in a woman’s life – witnessing the birth of new life and also witnessing the re-birth of a mother.

As a Transformational coach, I have supported many women overcome their hurdles in life to step into a life that feels full for them – a life that they could have only dreamt of. I continue to enjoy working with many different types of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.


Katinka Noack's qualifications

Katinka Noack mandala

Qualified (FP) Transformational Coach and Facilitator

Katinka Noack mandala

Qualified (IATE) Wellbeing Practitioner

Katinka Noack mandala

Qualified (Nurturing Birth) Doula

Katinka's story

I was introduced to coaching by signing up to a Transformational coach myself. At the time, I felt quite lost, my relationship at the time was becoming more and more challenging, I felt like I wanted more out of my career back then but felt stagnant. I felt like my spiritual self was lacking and I realised that I’ve always felt things so deeply in all areas of my life and it was becoming quite exhausting. I wasn’t able to manage my internal feelings in a way that I felt served me.
I needed someone to talk to, I needed someone to bring me back to who I am and hopefully support me in navigating my life effectively. My coach supported me to do exactly that! I was so unbelievably inspired by my own Transformation, eventually, I felt that I was called to support other women in experiencing the same.

I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do!

Apart from adoring what I do as a living, I also love to travel and experience other cultures. I’ve been to many different countries in the world but I would say my top three countries I’ve been to would be India, Ghana and I’ve got to put Greece in there too! I also take great pleasure in everything to do with health and wellness. I am very passionate in healthy clean eating, I love yoga and hiking. I enjoy meditation and I feel so powerful and grounded when I am surrounded by women, particularly in circle giving each other permission to be vulnerable and experiencing sacred rituals together.


About: Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching will help you find clarity and a more refined awareness of yourself. It can help you discover how to make permanent shifts by exploring your inner barriers and learn how to transform them. It is a powerful journey of self-discovery – a journey that will help you feel more empowered to create the life you’re yearning for.

The transformational process, using a feminine power model is a unique set of frameworks, principles and practices designed to help women realize their full potential and contribute their gifts to the highest level. It explores behaviours, patterns and your current state with taking spiritual, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and physical into consideration. 

It is a holistic approach that has a wide lens on the client. Its main focus is to bring forth the full potential of the woman.

How is it different to therapy and traditional coaching?

Traditional therapy is often based in the past and traditional coaching is often based in the future. With this type of coaching, we explore all areas such as past events and experiences that may have created unconscious patterns in the now as well as exploring inner barriers and blocks, all in order to open up new possibilities of yourself to walk closer to your desires and wishes, creating new ways of thinking and acting to help fulfil your deepest yearnings.

Transformational Coaching can help you find the tools within yourself to deal with challenges life throws at us and help you become the you that you can see but aren’t quite living to its fullness yet.