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How I Can Help You
Katinka Noack, Doula

How I Can Help You

Katinka Noack mandala

Basic Birth Package

  • Attendance at your birth

  • On-call from 38 weeks onwards

  • Unlimited phone and email support during your pregnancy

  • 2 prenatal visits to discuss labour positions, comfort techniques, help create or review your birth plan

  • Basic breastfeeding support immediately post-partum

  • 1 post-natal visit

Katinka Noack mandala

Birth and Beyond Package

  • Attendance of your birth

  • On-call from 38 weeks onward

  • Unlimited phone and email support during your pregnancy

  • 2 prenatal visits to discuss labour positions, comfort techniques, help create or review your birth plan

  • Basic breastfeeding support immediately postpartum

  • 1 post-natal visit

  • 12 hours of postpartum support within the first 2 weeks of birth

Katinka Noack mandala

Post-Natal Support

This can be a very new place where emotions are high and support is vital. This is an incredible period of time in which Katinka will work with you and your partner on creating an environment where you can enjoy and feel fully supported on your journey with your new baby/babies.

This support is very flexible and is designed to cater for the family’s needs which all vary from family to family.

To give you an idea of what it can include but not limited to:

  • Talking through your birth story

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Helping with baby while you shower, have something to eat, have a walk etc

  • Having someone to talk to

  • Answering any questions and/or helping with concerns

  • Help research local resources

  • Making you lunch or dinner

Katinka was absolutely everything I needed at my birth, her intuition was spot on and I felt very contained by her. She was always there and knew exactly what I needed

Nina (first time mum)

About: Doulas

About: Doulas

A Doula is someone who supports families emotionally, physically and mentally through pregnancy, labour and post-natally. A Doula is a consistent presence during this time and is there for the family to build a trusting and supportive relationship.

Having support, and being supported

As a Doula, I offer non-biased and non-judgmental support aiming for women and families to feel more empowered with whatever birthing option they choose. I trust birth and want to bring the power back to women advocating for their rights within this sacred time.

What is a doula?
What is a doula 2
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I believe that every woman should be allowed to make choices in this time and she will help put informed choices into practice.

Most of all, I want every family who is expecting a baby or babies, to feel as if they did all they can to have an empowered birth and look back with no regrets.

I also work with the same ethos after birth in the post-natal stage. Sometimes it’s good to have that extra support in this time and someone to talk to about your birth story. I am also passionate about breastfeeding and if this option is something a woman chooses, she will support her as best she can as a Doula.

My Journey as a Doula

What really led me to train to become a Doula, was when my niece was born, in 2010. As one of my sister’s birthing partners, I could not believe how beautiful and spiritual the experience was. She birthed and took care of her baby in a way that showed she was clearly informed within, trusted from within and was totally supported and informed in her choices. I couldn’t help but think, I wish it was like this for everyone.

Having worked as a Nanny (and as a result constantly hanging out with new mums), I heard more and more about unsatisfied birthing experiences and the lack of support they received when life suddenly changed with the birth of a newborn. Something hit a nerve every time I heard women feeling unhappy with their experience, so one day, I said to myself I’m going to make a difference. Now, having trained with two incredible internationally recognised Doula Training (DTI & Nuturing Birth) , I can proudly offer to help bring back positive birth and post-natal experiences and be that support and change that so many mothers and families are looking for.

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