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Mastering The Art of
Authentic Relationships 

Cultivate relationships with depth, connection and soul

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Eight-Module Online Course


Are you someone who thrives off constant growth and evolution?

Do you find yourself wanting more from your relationships, but settling for less?


Are you stuck playing a role, acting how you ‘should,’ while something inside you feels off?

Are you yearning for something stable, but with depth and soul? 


If you have answered YES to the above questions, then you might well be a soul searcher. You need deep and real connection. You are someone that needs to experience continual growth. You want to feel and witness yourself evolve as well as your relationships with others. You feel an irresistible pull to merge with the flow of life, to expand into your highest possible expression.


Being a soul-searcher is not easy. Your insatiable hunger for growth and connection keeps you from settling for the average experience. It can create a huge amount of pain and loneliness when this need is not fulfilled.


Yet you are not alone. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are part of an awakening that is attempting to procure a conscious opening within you. So rest assured. There are people out there, like you, who want to connect in the way you do — authentically and with infinite depth. Furthermore, there are people you already know that are capable and willing to come on this forging journey with you. They too are seeking their conscious opening, looking for someone to meet them on an authentic level.

Before pursuing such enlightened relationships that honour your complex needs and empower your growth, you need to understand yourself. There is a reason most people stick to routine and ritual-based relationships without daring to go deeper. It requires emotional intelligence, a willingness to be vulnerable, skill in setting and communicating boundaries and needs, and the courage to fail.


I am pleased to announce that my first online eight-module course will be launched soon, which covers all of the above and more. ‘Mastering The Art Of Authentic Relationships’ is a deep dive into the art of authentic relationships. This course starts by helping you connect with and understand the complexities within yourself. From there, you explore how to create and maintain healthy and long-lasting relationships with those around you which align with your unique needs. In short: Less role playing and more authentic living.


This course is for you if you want to...

Attract a high-quality life partner

Drastically improve your relationships with family and friends 

Take your romantic relationship to the next level 

Cultivate meaningful friendships


The eight modules consist of:


  • Understanding and honouring who you are deep down.

  • Attachment theory, your attachment style and how it impacts your ability to sustain relationships.

  • Triggers, core wounds and letting go of the ego.

  • Determining your needs and non-negotiables.

  • Healthy communication.

  • Maintaining the integrity of your authentic Self by creating tangible boundaries and stepping into self-love and love vibration.

  • Celebrating and growing from differences in your relationship.

  • Tying it all together: Your vision for how your current relationships will change and how your future relationships will look.


This course is a deep dive, and is not for the faint hearted. You will confront your inner Self, with all of its imperfections and glorious beauty. You will then integrate new learnings into tangible ways of being, feeling and thinking. The result will be more satisfaction and empowerment in your life and in your relationships. You will feel truly seen and heard. A sense of coming home will wash over you, allowing your authentic Self to finally breathe and be who it was supposed to be.


If you are interested, please fill out the form below to register your interest, and you will be notified as soon as it’s launch day.

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Register Your Interest

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Katinka Noack



Being committed to spiritual growth from a young age, Katinka has immersed herself in many traditions, rituals and eastern, indiginous and shamanic practices to expand her consciousness. From this place of constant growth and change, she aims to implement her learnings and trainings in the service of others. This is what lies at the core of her work — discovering the richness of life and then paying it forward, hence honoring her feminine essence and encouraging other women to do the same. 

Supporting women in their growth has thus become her calling. Her joy comes in empowering her clients to step into the path of love, consciousness and wisdom while she offers her listening ear, intuition and own wisdom.

Her mission is to bring the capacity for creation into every facet of a woman's life, to guide her deeper into her divine connection to herself, and to move her closer to discovering her true calling. From there, she aims to guide women in finding the resources and tools they need, and to effectively swap out the unwanted things in their lives with what they've always wished for.

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