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The Benefits of Transformational Life Coaching

Life coaching is a service that goes beyond someone who has 'problems' in their life. It can be an empowering tool for reflection, accountability, enlightenment and motivation. People are often sceptical of this industry, and for good reason. Anyone selling themselves as an authority on what you should be doing in life is a snake oil salesperson, nothing else. They are playing a part.

Where life coaching shines, however, is in its ability to guide your growth process with a light touch. A life coach can listen, mirror, suggest, point out, encourage and reinforce. They are a human being with their own flaws, but they are also a neutral party with training and experience in supporting people. From this space of non-investment, they can support your process in an effective way. But are the changes lasting? What happens when you end your time with a life coach? Will you go back to where you were before, procrastinating and making short-sighted decisions? This is where Transformational Life Coaching comes in.

In short, Transformational Life Coaching is a process of identifying and connecting with your authentic Self, and having that inform and dictate your decision-making and actions. It is first and foremost a spiritual process, a journey of self-acceptance and self-empowerment. The Transformational Life Coach is only there to guide the process. It is you who walks the journey.

A Transformational Life Coach addresses three pillars; spirituality, wellness and life. By taking regular time to centre yourself within and look after your health and wellbeing, you create an environment where your authentic Self can thrive. A Transformational Life Coach will support you in going within, and will help you awaken your trust and faith in what I call 'Body Wisdom': The inherent knowing that lies within all of us. This knowing contains infinite wisdom about the world, but also endless wisdom about your true nature. Who you truly are, what your purpose is, and what you truly should be doing are all contained within this authentic Self. Where else would it be? Over time, the Transformational Coaching method brings you deeper into this place, and that is where the magic begins. The doubt and confusion slowly clear, your confidence grows, and clarity and purpose take over. You are aligned with who you are.

Who is Life Coaching For?

Life coaching is personalised support for people of all ages and in various life situations, such as those who:

  • Feel stuck in their life, work or relationships.

  • Are in situations of doubt, conflict or difficulty.

  • Are facing upheaval in their life.

  • Have an important decision to make.

  • Want to evolve, adapt to and improve their life situation.

  • Have a project they are struggling to complete.

However, is this kind of coaching really effective? Why choose a Transformational Life Coach rather than a consultant or a psychologist? And what benefits does this process bring?

How Transformational Life Coaching is different to traditional therapy and life coaching

Traditional therapy is often based in the past, and traditional coaching is often based in the future. With Transformational Life Coaching, we explore all areas, such as past events and experiences that may have created unconscious patterns in the now, as well as exploring inner barriers and blocks, all in order to open up new possibilities. As a result, you walk closer to your desires and wishes, creating new ways of thinking and acting to fulfil your deepest yearnings.

How Transformational Life Coaching can help you

A Transformational Life Coach works in a holistic and person-centred way which supports clients in identifying and exploring their possibilities, growth edge and potential. The Transformational Life Coach also helps clients find long-lasting ways to tap into their inner wisdom and create real and tangible change based on their inner creativity.

A Transformational Life Coach supports clients in identifying their inner barriers, blocks, unhealthy patterns and 'old stories,' and in working through them in a safe and contained way. From this process, you create healthier states of being and reach transformational change.

Not only does a Transformational Life Coach support clients in facing their fears and setbacks, they also provide support in overcoming them. The Transformational Life Coach aims to help those they work with find ways to live out their deepest desires and wishes, helping them step closer to self-actualisation. This subsequently transforms the client's relationships with Self, others and their environment.

Because it taps into the authentic Self, Transformational Life Coaching is durable in what it can offer. People may pursue Transformational coaching if they:

  • Have had a baby and lost themselves, wishing to remain centred within themselves along with being connected to their child.

  • Are looking to leave their career and transition into their passion.

  • Want to tailor their wellbeing in a way that aligns with and nourishes their authentic Self.

  • Have no real problems, but simply want to connect to themselves more and pursue their spirituality with a guide.

  • Want to pursue more meaningful relationships that meet their complex needs.

Can life coaching be done online?

Yes, life coaching can definitely be done online. In many cases, it can even be more beneficial than face-to-face. Online life coaching allows you to maintain a constant source of support no matter where you are, especially if you travel often or simply have not found the right person within driving distance. You can also be more flexible with time setting, as you do not need to travel or be in a particular place at a particular time.

Being Coached

A good life coach can bring many benefits. First, it allows you to take inventory of your life, ask yourself the right questions, clarify your perception, and refine your reasoning. Then it allows you to discover your own values, resources and potential. With the help of someone who cares, you will be more motivated to decide and act on your plan.

Transformational Life Coaching takes this powerful process and supercharges it from within, setting you up for life-long gains as your authentic Self is freed of inner obstacles and doubts.

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