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The loss and rise of women's circles

Women used to gather around fires in circle to commune, exchange, shed tears, and kindle creativity and this was an intrinsic part of life. They would harmonise their rhythms, bleed in unison, raise their voices in song, dance and share their stories. However, in our contemporary society, the bonds that once united us have frayed, leading to a profound disconnection both from each other and from our own essence. The fast pace of modern life, the digital divide and the weight of individual pursuits have conspired to dim the once-vibrant flames of communal sisterhood. Yet, almost every woman I have met has a deep calling within to connect again, to come back to the ways we once were.

There is an echo of an age-old wisdom that recognises the strength and solace born from unity. Today, reclaiming the sacred circle is more than a nostalgic nod to history; it's a soul-deep call to mend the threads of our shared humanity and kindle anew the fires within us that wait to be ignited.

We must reweave the tapestry of our inner longing for connection once more. We must restore the harmony that whispers in our stories once again. We must recreate spaces where tears and laughter are exchanged within the embrace of the circle.

In a world dominated by screens and virtual interactions, the power of physical presence, shared vulnerability, and the warmth of genuine togetherness cannot be underestimated. The circle, a timeless symbol of inclusivity and equality, invites women to cast aside the masks of perfection and competitiveness that society often demands, and instead, to reveal their authentic selves.

Within the circle's embrace, stories flow freely, hearts are unburdened, and a deep sense of belonging blossoms. The act of collectively acknowledging the joys and sorrows, dreams and challenges, it rekindles the age-old magic of women's circles. And this is where we are finally seen.

As we gather once again, we channel the resilience of our foremothers, adapting their wisdom to our modern lives. For it is in these circles that we not only find solace but also spark the flames of inspiration that lead to creative collaboration, personal growth, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The circle beckons us to rediscover the power of unity, to reclaim the art of listening, and to relearn the dance of support and solidarity. In doing so, we illuminate a path towards reconnection—with each other, ourselves, and the eternal fire that has always burned at the core of womanhood.

Just as women once wove the fabric of life together, so can we, the woman of today.

Through my many years of working with women as a Transformational Coach and Space Holder, I have seen the lack of these spaces in today's society. I have a deep longing for these circles and I know I am amongst many, therefore I created my own circles and retreats to create exactly what I was missing. My next retreat called Woven Wisdom is going to be a 6 day immersion full of connection and sisterhood. information found here

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