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The Philosophy of Getting Unstuck and Discovering Meaning

There are no magical tools for reinventing your life. Each person is unique, and their process is going to be equally unique. You will need to determine which tools you need based on your innate wisdom. To tap into this, here is a three-step blueprint which can get you on the right track:

1. Centering: Go within and tap into your limitless Self

This tool is available to you at any time. Feel your body and relax into it. Your legs, your stomach, your shoulders, your jaw. Notice the tension, and invite it to release. Be receptive to the organism inside you. This is the Self. It lies within and beyond the body all at once. Taking a moment with it regularly reveals to you a lost world of inner movement, which has been stunted by a lifetime of conditioning.

As the days, months and years of our lives progress, we become conditioned to see the world in a predictable and rigid way. Spontaneous, creative energy is funnelled into how we ‘should’ live by society, family and friends. Curiosity and courage are lost. We get caught up in our outer environment so much that we lose sight of our true nature. This leads to stagnation, because we have stopped listening to what lies in the infinite depths within, and have given our limitless energy to outside forces and people to shape.

Each person is put on Earth to contribute their innate gifts. For that, we have all been blessed with particular strengths. The challenge for living a life of purpose and meaning is to tap into this and give it expression; to find a way to give it shape in the world. In doing so, your inner movement (vitality) manifests as outer movement in the world, where flow and creativity express themselves in your daily life.

What this inner world eventually reveals is what I call ‘Body Wisdom’. Symbols, impulses, instincts and desires hint and direct you toward where you need to go to live authentically and meaningfully. Within Body Wisdom lies more hidden knowledge than we can fathom. Tens of thousands of years of evolution have left immense wisdom within the mysteries of Self. This is clouded by the doubt and confusion of believing that ‘others’ have the right answers - not us. In reality, nobody knows what’s best for us but us, because they can never see ‘us’ from the vantage point we have. At any time, we can go inside and connect with our Self. It requires focus, acceptance and faith in the vastness of wisdom that awaits us. This is how people discover happy and fulfilling lives; they venture where others never do. As a result, they remain unstuck, and constantly reinvent their lives with powerful effect.

2. Decisiveness: Commit to the next step in flow

The best thing you can do when you feel stuck is to do something. This doesn’t usually work because of a lack of inner flow. But you addressed this in step one. When you center yourself and initiate flow, you have momentum to decide your next direction.

What keeps you stuck is the fear of making a wrong decision. In life, we are driving forward with only a narrow light. We cannot see very far. Yet with body wisdom guiding us, we can be sure that a ‘knowing’ beyond what we can currently see and comprehend is supporting us. It knows, even when we don’t. And we usually only see its plan in hindsight. So be centered, reflect and then ACT. Even the ‘wrong’ decisions are right, since they can teach you something, or better yet, move you closer to the ‘right’ decision, which was not accessible until you acted ‘wrongly’ first.

3. Tenacity: Expand to contain a new reality

As you get unstuck, move into the flow, and discover the courage to take decisive action, your reality changes dramatically. Your entire identity is destabilized as cracks appear in your conditioning, and the dynamic and powerful Self reveals its mammoth potential. Evolution resumes its place as your life guide, and you end up in surprising and at times terrifying places. This terror is your ego warning you that life is about to change. Radically reinventing your life means you need to BE differently in the world. The core thing to remember is that the body, mind and soul will adapt to your emerging Self and life situation - all you need to do is accept it and be willing to go through the fire of change. This requires tenacity, a willingness to relax through discomfort. Eventually, the breakthrough happens, and you emerge on the other side transformed and ready to live your radically reinvented life while feeling comfortable in your new skin.

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