Katinka Noack Transformational Life Coach



Each session follows a simple structure to ensure that you feel fully supported every time.​

  1. Centering practice

  2. Check-in

  3. Intention for the session

  4. Exploring/Diving deep into topic

  5. Clarity on what you will walk away with

  6. Honoring your steps

  7. Finish


Book your session with me by scheduling an initial call in my calendar. We will have an informal chat about where you are at in your life at the moment and where you would like to be.


Moving forward, our online sessions will be weekly and an hour long. To get the most out of your coaching journey, I would recommend to commit to at least 12 weeks of sessions and then review.


I have worked with clients anything from 8 weeks to 18+ months.


The timings of these sessions can be flexible and adapted to your schedule. I hold my sessions over Zoom, Skype, or whichever video conferencing platform you prefer.

Preparing my energy before a session to me is one of the most important aspects of the client’s journey, even if they might not necessarily be aware of what I do before our session together. ⁠⁠
So what do I do?⁠⁠
♡ I set my space up and recap on our last session ⁠⁠
♡ I light some Sage/Palo Santo and put an intention out for my client. For example, “Let Sadie receive what she needs to receive from this session and let her walk away with insight, motivation and warmth”. I may repeat this a few times. ⁠⁠
♡ I will light a candle for my client at the beginning of the session, and let the flame journey with my client until the session is finished. ⁠⁠
♡ I will do one round of sound with my meditation bowl, close my eyes, breath into my centre to ground myself. I set myself an intention for the session too.⁠⁠
I believe this is so important because it doesn’t only bring the right atmosphere to my clients, but it also supports me in turning up in the right way in deep presence. ⁠⁠


Katinka Noack mandala

Rolling sessions

Advised 6 session commitment then rolling from there


Katinka Noack mandala

Three month bundle

12 sessions


Katinka Noack mandala

Six month bundle

24 sessions


I offer clients three options: a rolling agreement, a three month bundle, or a six month bundle.  

Please note that I am happy to discuss concessionary prices to anyone who feels they are having financial difficulties. 

How to book your sessions?

The first step is to book a free discovery call with me. We can chat about where you are at in your life at the moment and where you would like to be. You'll get clear on how I am able to support you individually and we'll go through any questions you may have. Finally, we'll discuss whether this feels like a fit for us both, and which package you'd like to proceed with.