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With Katinka Noack 

Connect and explore with like-minded women

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A sister circle is for every woman. It’s a safe space, a sacred circle … to breathe out, to be seen, to laugh, to cry, to birth and create. We gather, we share, we listen. We are invited to look within, to compassionately enquire about what is going on inside of us…to breathe out, to feel held and nourished.


YOU are welcome, all of YOU … your joy, your pain, your bad days, your successes, your fears, your need for silence, your need for connection, your beauty, your messiness, the bits you hide from … you are ALL welcome.

A typical Sister Circle blends coaching with gentle enquiry, meditation, visualisation, sharing and witnessing. Pour yourself a cup of tea, get cosy in your own home and allow a safe circle of women to lead you into your heart space — opening you to increased self-love and inner guidance. The magic of a group of women resonating together is something that needs to be experienced. All of this is designed to invite you back into your centre, to reconnect with who you truly are. To realign to your true north and find your way home, back to you.

Themes may include - 

  • Compassionate Self enquiry. What do you most deeply yearn for? 

  • Your blocks and barriers to not living out your vision.

  • Your relationship to yourself. How do you treat yourself? Identify your patterns and old stories.

  • Vulnerability and your relationship to it.

  • Be willing to be seen. Sharing your vision with others and being open to their love and support

  • Practicing self-love, self-accountability and self-ownership.

  • Birthing your vision. Tying your deepest yearnings with tangible steps towards manifesting them.

  • Celebrating each other and the journey we have been on together.




Being committed to spiritual growth from a young age, Katinka has immersed herself in many traditions, rituals and eastern, indiginous and shamanic practices to expand her consciousness. From this place of constant growth and change, she aims to implement her learnings and trainings in the service of others. This is what lies at the core of her work — discovering the richness of life and then paying it forward, hence honoring her feminine essence and encouraging other women to do the same. 

Supporting women in their growth has thus become her calling. Her joy comes in empowering her clients to step into the path of love, consciousness and wisdom while she offers her listening ear, intuition and own wisdom.

Her mission is to bring the capacity for creation into every facet of a woman's life, to guide her deeper into her divine connection to herself, and to move her closer to discovering her true calling. From there, she aims to guide women in finding the resources and tools they need, and to effectively swap out the unwanted things in their lives with what they've always wished for.

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