Spiritual Life Coach

Find your way with a spiritual life coach

Thank you for visiting Coaching With Katinka, where my spirituality coaching can help you unearth your inner wisdom and live your best life.


There are many paths we walk along life's way. This leads us to many crossroads, turns, and decisions that we are forced to make. However, making the right decisions is difficult when we lack the underlying wisdom to guide us. That is why we often look around for the answers. When we find ourselves along this journey at such a place of indecision, we often feel lost. What we need, however, is not something more, or something outside of ourselves. On the contrary; we need to go deeper within ourselves. A spiritual life coach, in times like these, can help you find your way to this place. Spirituality coaching isn't about religion, but it is spiritual, and it is about you.

In my method, I focus on the inner Self as a source of wisdom, which allows you to make changes that are aligned in authenticity. In short, only you know what is best for you, and the spirituality coaching approach supports you in discovering this. In working with you, I help you link your life habits to who you truly are. I say this because our spirituality develops in the context of our daily lives, and does not happen in a vacuum.


Sometimes we wake up to discover that we simply aren't where we want to be. You might have many things that are going right for you. Perhaps a good-paying job, perhaps a healthy and happy family. There isn't any looming doom - but you just aren't where you want to be. Such a feeling is ineffable, but it is there. These are the types of situations too many people face today, without knowing why or more importantly, where to turn for help. This is where the help of a spiritual life coach can make a difference.

So, are you a candidate for spirituality coaching? Do you feel like your life is just a series of steps or lists and that life has become boring or routine? Do you feel lost? Are you still trying to find your purpose and goal in life? Do you just want to be happier, healthier, and more at ease with your world and become more spiritually in-tuned? Then the answer is yes, you could benefit from spirituality coaching.

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