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Spirituality Coaching

Finding your way with spiritual guidance

How is spirituality coaching linked to Transformational Coaching?

A Transformational Coach is wholistic in nature, but provides spirituality coaching as a core pillar. They use mindfulness, focus, depth and centering excersises to help harness the power of your authentic Self, which empowers everything you do during your coaching.

So how will this help you?

In my method, I focus on the inner Self as a source of wisdom, which allows you to make changes that are aligned in authenticity. In short, only you know what is best for you, and spirituality coaching supports you in discovering this. In working with you, I help you bring awareness to your life habits that don't serve you, and support you in growing new life habits that do. 


Guidance towards your authentic Self 


A spiritual practice helps you connect with who you truly are. It aligns you with your truest desires and wishes, from which you can create a vision for your life rooted in your authentic Self. This is where Transformational Coaching comes into the equation. As well guiding you with your spiritual practice, spirituality coaching helps you discover your limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers that have been in the way of you stepping into your true nature.

Bringing awareness to your blind spots


Spirituality coaching helps you go deeper into the hidden parts of yourself that are often beyond your everyday awareness. It is in these places that the truth of yourself is discovered. From this foundation, you can begin the process of identifying and processing your challenges and blind spots in an effective and growth-oriented way. When you are able to understand, work with, adapt and utilize this part of your life, then change and creation begins, and you can start living out your vision.

How will you benefit from spirituality coaching?


Spirituality coaching works with the root cause of a problem, not just the symptom. This is where a transformational coach differs from other life coaches. Spirituality coaching gradually supports you in weaving the connection between mind, body and soul allowing you to bring out and integrate parts of yourself long forgotten. This leads you to your strengths, powers and abilities, as well as helping you work with the parts of you that are not so beneficial to your wellbeing and growth and learning new ways in how to live authentically.


From spirituality to transformation


Do you want a deeper connection to yourself? Do you want to have direction and order in your life? Do you want to feel aligned with who you are, rather than who you should be? A spiritual practice is part of a foundation for authentic and empowered living. Beyond a deep connection to your inner Self, you also need to establish a wellbeing practice to address the obstacles which hold you back. Furthermore, while learning how to listen and not ignore the whispers of your inner being, you need to pay attention and give form to those impulses as a greater vision for your life. A Transformational Coach can help you address all of these pillars so you can find clarity, connection, meaning and purpose.

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