Transformational Life Coaching helps you find clarity and a more refined awareness of yourself. It allows you to make permanent shifts by exploring your inner barriers and learning how to transform them. It is a powerful journey of self-discovery – which will help you feel more empowered to create the life you’re yearning for.

The transformational process, using a feminine power model, is a unique set of frameworks, principles and practices designed to help women realise their full potential and contribute their gifts to the highest level. It explores behaviours, patterns and your current state, while taking the spiritual, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and physical into consideration. 

It is a holistic approach that uses a wide lens. Its main focus is to bring forth the full potential of the woman.


Traditional therapy is often based in the past, and traditional coaching is often based in the future. With Transformational Life Coaching, we explore all areas, such as past events and experiences that may have created unconscious patterns in the now, as well as exploring inner barriers and blocks, all in order to open up new possibilities. As a result, you walk closer to your desires and wishes, creating new ways of thinking and acting to fulfil your deepest yearnings.


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My work with you involves a deep dive into yourself, and invites you to manifest your vision from an authentic and centred place. This includes:


The first step is to create a tangible vision so you know what you will be working towards in your coaching journey. I will guide you in creating this through tailored centering exercises which will help inform you from your deepest self, which is what I call body wisdom; the place of intuition and deeper truth. This is not informed by what you 'should' do, but rather what you are, based on your true nature. As you will discover, body wisdom knows precisely what to do. It is from here that we create your tangible action plan.


As we manifest your vision, I will guide you with centering exercises, and gently bring your focus back to your authentic Self. In doing so, you connect with life force and your higher energy. Going into the depths of yourself allows you to leave behind the messiness of the world, to step out of the chaos and discover calmness and strength. From this place of vitality and wisdom, your natural evolution can begin.


Your vision will never manifest, however, unless you can identify and face your inner obstacles. I will help you go into your blocks and barriers, old stories, complexes, emotional trigger points and everyday difficulties. You will really get to know what stands in your way, and we will plan out a path to move past these obstacles. Going beyond the restriction of the mind in this way allows you to transition from lack to possibility, opening you up for transformation.


Together we fuel your power and growth by guiding you towards introducing compassion, acceptance and love into your relationship with yourself and others. From there, I can support you to channel and maintain your higher vibrational energies and use them to live out your tangible vision.

We work together week-in and week-out to address your barriers and blocks, as well as strategise how to deal with them. We will celebrate your victories, accept the highs and lows, hold you accountable, and deal with setbacks. Each session is an opportunity to shift your mindset, see how it feels, and then check the difference, always returning to your vision in the process.


Transformational Life Coaching uses the self-actualization wheel, which can broaden your perspective. It is a great tool to help determine which areas you need to grow in your life, and where others may need adjusting. The self-actualization wheel is broken up into eight segments which we will work through together. They include:


  1. Calling: You feel like you know what you were placed here to do. You are cultivating your purpose and sharing it with the world.

  2. Confidence: You feel capable of creating what you want in your life, to lead others, to take risks, express yourself fully with others, and follow your inner wisdom/ideas.

  3. Influence: You feel like you’re impacting, uplifting and empowering others regularly. You’re leading the groups and numbers of people you want to be impacting.

  4. Love & Relationships: You have fulfilling, rich, growth-oriented relationships with a partner, family, and friends which fulfill your complex needs.

  5. Prosperity/Career: You’re earning enough to have the resources to thrive, prosper and contribute in life. You’re managing finances effectively, working in a career where you feel fulfilled, and which is aligned with your values.

  6. Creativity: You enjoy creating, playing and having fun on a regular basis. You have some form of creative expression, such as painting, dancing, writing, etc.

  7. Health: You’re fit, healthy, radiant, vital and have enough energy to do everything you want to do. You support yourself to eat well and stay calm/centered daily.

  8. Spirituality: You feel deeply connected to a higher power and trust life to support you in creating, growing and evolving. You trust your inner wisdom to guide you toward where you need to go.

To enable a more harmonious life, we should aim to balance these essentials as equally as possible.